Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

At Pokervillas, our goal is to make sure you’re having fun at the tables. A big part of that is playing responsibly. That means playing within your means, sticking to a budget, and ensuring that online poker isn’t getting in the way of work or personal relationships.

That’s why we’ve put together a Responsible Gaming program that puts you first. Whether you want to close your account temporarily or permanently, we’re here to help, no questions asked.

Here’s a look at what our Responsible Gaming program is all about:

  • Age Verification: When you sign up for a Pokervillas account, you are required to be 18 years of age or older. You are also required to certify that the information you provide related to your age is true and accurate. Any player caught to have played under age will have their account balance forfeited.
  • Self-exclusion from the tables: If you feel that you need a break from the tables, you are entitled to exclude yourself from play for any amount of time you’d like. Please note that once you self-exclude, you won’t be able to come back to the tables until the period has ended. What’s more, to enable your account once the exclusion period has ended, you must contact Customer Service and make the request.
  • Gambling Problems: If you have a gambling problem and you’d like to permanently close your account, we will disable all deposit options and access. Once we receive your request, we will then request written confirmation from you to complete the process. Please note that email support can take some time so the account will not be disabled until an agent has received and reviewed the request, and received written confirmation from you. We are not responsible for losses incurred while the closure request is being processed. Any remaining balance will be paid out provided that the account has been previously certified. Please note that upon permanent closure of your account, under no circumstances will your account be reopened.

All requests to open or close accounts must originate from a player’s registered email address. When writing please include your username and, if applicable, the time frame for your request.

Terms And Conditions

  • Should you request your account to be closed permanently, you will be immediately removed from any tournaments or open tables in which you are seated.
  • If you are requesting self-exclusion or permanent account closure, we will only close the account you’re calling about. Should you have more than one account on Pokervillas, you will need to provide us with the necessary information to close each one.
  • If you’re requesting self-exclusion but are unable to decide how long you want to exclude yourself, we will permanently close your account.
  • If our security team discovers that you have created a new account after permanently closing your account, your new account will be automatically shut down.